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Brand Story

ARAIBA (pronounced as Ah-Ray-Bah) stands for the
ASEAN Responsible And Inclusive Business Alliance. 

The proposal for establishing this network to promote responsible and inclusive business activities was tabled by the ASEAN CSR Network and the ASEAN Business Advisory Council at the 50th ASEAN Economic Ministers Meeting on 30th August 2018.


What Is A Responsible Business?

We define a responsible business as one that gives serious consideration to the impact of their operations on People and Planet, while remaining Profitable.  A responsible business also abides by their principles and values in their internal methods and processes as well as in their interaction with others.  This definition is in line with the International Labour Organization’s definition of responsible business. 

What Is An Inclusive Business?

We define an inclusive business as one that provides goods, services, and livelihoods on a commercially-viable basis to people at the base of the economic pyramid, making them part of the company’s value chain as suppliers, distributors, retailers, or customers.  This definition is in line with the ASEAN Inclusive Business Framework of 2017.

6 Key Objectives:

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To realize the vision of “A World Where Businesses Do Well By Doing Good”.


To enable responsible business conduct in ASEAN to achieve sustainable, inclusive and equitable economic development.


To promote a culture of good governance, in conformity with the principles of the ASEAN Charter.


To share information, experiences and good practices on responsible and inclusive business activities with ASEAN Member States, other international organizations, non-governmental organizations and other relevant bodies.

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To support businesses, governments and other stakeholders in implementing and adopting international norms and standards in the ASEAN Work Plans.


To connect businesses with ASEAN Sectoral Bodies, Member States and other stakeholders to accelerate the adoption of responsible and inclusive business conduct.

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Join Us In This Journey

ARAIBA invites businesses who believe that being responsible and inclusive in word and action are the 21st century’s cornerstones of commercial success to join us to connect and collaborate with other like-minded businesses in ASEAN.

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