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ARAIBA Membership Overview


ARAIBA Membership


1 The Participating Members of the Alliance will be companies operating in ASEAN that agree to be a signatory to the ASEAN Responsible and Inclusive Business Code and demonstrate commitment to uphold this Code, which is based on global standards. There will be 3 classes of Participating Members – Patron, Charter and Ordinary.


2 Patron Members contribute USD40,000 or SGD50,000 as annual contribution to the Network. They will be represented on the Steering Committee as long as they remain as members paying the annual fees at Patron level.


3 Charter Members contribute USD 16,000 or SGD 20,000 per annum. Charter members will form the Advisory Committee to the Network as long as they contribute and remain as Charter Members.


4 Each Ordinary Member will contribute an annul fee based on the turnover of the Company.

Annual Revenue in excess of $500 million - SGD 5,000

Anuual Revenue between $100m and $500m - SGD3,000

Annual Revenue between $50m and $100m - SGD2,000

Annual Revenue between $1m and $50m - SGD500

Annual Revenue below $1m - SGD200

5 Partner Members are members of the ABAC’s Joint Business Council, Regional and International organisations representing business and/or working in the field of responsible and inclusive business. They will make an annual contribution of SGD2,000


6 National Level organisations representing businesses and/or working in the field of responsible and inclusive business will make an annual contribution of SGD 1,000.


7 Each member shall designate a focal point for the purposes of communication of activities through the proposed network.

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