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Sansan was founded in 2007 by Chika Terada, who sought to overcome the challenges of finding key business contacts in companies, which were often lost or forgotten. Human network gaps further led to redundant efforts and missed opportunities. Fulfilling this need for businesses to manage their contacts better, Sansan has since grew to delight over 6,000 global customers in 33 countries presently. In 2019, Sansan raised 33.8 billion yen ($315 million) in its IPO, the biggest for a software company in Japan since 2014. Sansan’s backers included Goldman Sachs, Salesforce, Nikkei, SBI Investment and DCM Ventures.

Although our individual networking app Eight fulfils the requirements of the RIBF 2020 forum, it is our namesake flagship product Sansan which allows companies to build their own "Single source of truth" for business contacts, through a most accurate and up-to-date centralised database. 

Sansan lets companies:

1. Digitise and Unify their business contacts from multiple data sources
2. Use collective insights to deliver enhanced productivity, collaboration across functional teams
3. Uncover hidden opportunities through warmer contact referrals. 

With Sansan, SMEs and corporations of all sizes can unlock the revenue-generating potential of better-managed business contacts.

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