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A World Where Businesses Do Well By Being Good In Word & Action



ARAIBA stands for the ASEAN Responsible And Inclusive Business Alliance.
This is an initiative of ASEAN CSR Network and ASEAN Business Advisory Council.
Both are ASEAN Entities.  

The proposal for establishing this network to promote responsible and inclusive business activities was jointly tabled at the 50th ASEAN Economic Ministers Meeting on 30 Aug 2018.

In collaboration with Brands For Good and ARAIBA partners, we invite businesses who believe that being responsible and inclusive in word and action are the 21st century’s cornerstones of commercial success, to join us to connect and collaborate with other like-minded businesses in ASEAN.

The ARAIBA vision describes the future that we want to create and that future that we are working towards is A WORLD WHERE BUSINESSES DO WELL BY DOING GOOD.

We want to create a world where being a responsible and inclusive business is the reason that companies become successful because that will create a world that has a powerful and positive impact on the triple bottom-line of Profit, People and Planet. 

ASEAN is a 10-countries regional grouping in South East Asia with 3 major community building efforts:
(a) political security
(b) economic community
(c) social & cultural community.

ARAIBA is a great initiative to strengthen the economic community of the ASEAN member states and to make it more competitive viz-a-viz the rest of the world.



ARAIBA Launch Webinar,
4th August 2020


Ambassador Ong Keng Yong

Executive Deputy Chairman

S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies

Nanyang Technological University (NTU)

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